Marathwada Skill Hub

"The more we give importance for skill development, the more competent will be our youth"
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Introduction to Marathwada Skill Hub

Established as a ‘SKILL- HUB’, the structure proposes CMIA in the centre and its member companies as support for skilling youth. In long run, the Skill-Hub at Aurangabad would act as the centre connect point for all the key agencies engaged in skills training – the industry members, the Academic institutes, the State Government agencies, etc.

In ‘SKILL- HUB’, we believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of committed, socially responsive and compassionate organizations focused on the ‘Make-in-India’ through ‘Skill India’


Contact Person: Pooja Shelke

Mobile No.: 8999876341


Structure of Marathwada Skill Hub

  1.  All the skill training providers will be under single platform.
  2.  All CMIA Industry Members are connected and work together.
  3.  Identified Industry infrastructure will be used for training purpose.
  4.  Marathwda Auto Clusster will be developed as basic training centre under Apprenticeship scheme.

Facilities of Marathwada Skill Hub

  1.  Skills Mapping.
  2.  Bridging the Gap.
  3.  Promoting Apprenticeship Training.
  4.  On Job Training.
  5.  Exposure Visits.
  6.  Career Guidance and Counselling.

Marathwada Skill Hub Events

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